Fostering NEW Agricultural Relations


101. Life-Long Knowledge

On site assessment and sharing of knowledge is a first step in fostering relations with small farms and educators..


200. Place Based Study

Moku learning is principled on place-based "play and learn"  environments fostering urban and rural relations for school and beyond.


300. Regenerative Principles

Urban land developers have a unique opportunity to collaborate with agricultural communities on climate resiliency plans while enlisting the thoughts of our future Greenthumb leaders.



Basic Challenges

Transforming the means and methods for climate smart agriculture starts with understanding local site conditions in the context of global influences such as air, water, and soil quality.

"To borrow a term from the corporate world — what we need is a “paradigm shift”, a change of mindset."
Dr. Aurora Roldan

Future Farm Leaders

Today's farmers face daunting challenges requiring combined efforts from like communities and more. Tomorrow's farm leaders must learn to coordinate across many disciplines and communicate effectively with others from various socio-economic backgrounds.  Peer to peer coordination across broad skillsets have a better chance of solving more challenging problems that expand on the why's and how's of agricultural landscapes relating to their importance to society.

Help educate and foster a new generation of knowledge leaders as we investigate new methods for smart agriculture through practical study. Action oriented learning targets K-12 educators who support and wish to develop creative ways to motivate and foster participation through concepts of fairness and environmental justice.


Active Learning Environments

Smart agriculture dealing with climate provides the design basis for a "conceptual to-be-built"  supply chain using real agricultural landscapes and urban "digital twins" . We work cooperatively with a cluster of small farms that provide natural capital for active research of zero waste methods that seek more efficient us of our natural resources.  Outcomes are limited only by imagination and thoughtful design. 

"Play is the highest form of research."
Albert Einstein

Farm Services Outreach

Close knit relations between regenerative farms and value added producers is core to smart agriculture and why education and public awareness are important to how we cumulatively investigate and analyze potential scope of diversified product development. Our educational  position is creating and providing real world tools to active learners and Greenthumb participants to plan and build resiliency into current plant product development efforts.

Moku Communities


Connecting Knowledge

Organized as a geo-cultural graph, mokunet is host to mixed services for collaborative domains featuring plant product development from farm to community organized marketplaces.  Smart agriculture dealing with climate provides the design basis for resilient supply chains that monitor and respond to site specific environmental conditions. 

Innovation Lab

Plant product innovation focuses on small batch food process improvements and up-cycled use of agricultural residues such as plant and animal feed as well as packaging and other food-grade consumables.

Learner.Mokulab open source framework

Our development goal is creating supply chain resiliency through digital innovation across technical and farm oriented communities that leverage place, season, and up-cycling of agricultural resources and processes. Public education and awareness integration is encouraged through open source methods that occur at the retail level.