Applied data & life science

Serving Regional Communities


  101 Field Level 

Project Start:

Specify a farm site digital model and single source of truth from geospatial and IoT farm site data.

  201 Cloud Integration

Design Development:

Define functional relations for knowledge graph development exploring rural and urban collaborative opportunities. 

  301 Outreach

Operational Support: is our place based learning engine for serious game development based on cooperative, climate-focused discovery and solutions.


The key to actionable data is based on deep understanding and respect of place and her supported livelihoods.


Develop and maintain digital workflows and knowledge graph relations  for educators and mokunet members engaged in community service projects which contribute to a core strategy for our island and mokupuni Oahu.  


 Vision and innovate ways to sustain core strategies which enrich our health and lands. We propose a focus on plant based studies which will lead to innovative product development as a smart agriculture strategy.

101 Learning Site:  bGood Farms

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